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Seattle Will Call

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delirium & barnabus
From Christen's facebook:

BPAL lovelies, here's the scoop. All orders will need to be placed and
paid for by noon tomorrow. If one of your bottles ends up being
back-ordered, I will send it when it comes in at no extra charge. You
can call the shop with payment info: (206) 397-3141, or you can request a
total and paypal me at biscuitita@gmail.com

There was a lot of confusion last year over the Will Call. If you want
Yules, Neil Gaiman's, GC's, you need to place an order beforehand, and I
will have it waiting for you. I carry very few LE's because I cannot
guess what people will want. So get your order to me, and we will all be
happier than last year.

Which brings me to the final bit. If
indeed the lab provides us with some cool will-call-only LE, there will
be a limit of one each per person. It's just good karma: all of the
people who stood outside in the cold got hosed, and I would be
devastated if that happened again.

So, there it is: order in
advance (by noon Friday), one each of any will call only LE, and bring
your good karma and good cheer. It is, after all, the most wonderful
time of the year! Questions? Discuss...

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