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Seattle BPAL Addicts

Looking for decant of giant squid

Black Phoenix Alchemy Addicts of Seattle


Looking for decant of giant squid

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Louboutin Manicure
Howdy, new to the community. :)

Did anyone find a decant circle of the Sukura Con LE's? If not, does anyone know where I can get an imp of giant squid?

  • I ran one; I can get you a decant of Squid definitely, and at least sniffies of the others. I'll check and see what (if anything) I've actually got left. ^_^
    • Sweet! Thank you!! :)
      • Hurpdurp. I totally forgot about this. I have decants of everything except the Kappa one, which I only have a half of.

        If you still want 'em, they'd be $3.50 each ($1.75 for the Kappa), or we can talk swappage? Throw me an email at utanoshi@ gmail.com either way? ^_^
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